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The RGCQ presents: the first international study on small condominiums - french only

Thursday 18h00 to 19h15

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This activity will be offered in French only.

The RGCQ is proud to present the first study of international interest on the governance of small condominiums carried out here in Quebec.

In Quebec, the number of condominiums is increasing year after year, with a preponderance of small condominiums. Over 90% of condominiums are small buildings with fewer than 21 units. And a large percentage are self-managed. This is also the case in Canada and many other countries around the world. The acquisition of a condominium represents one of the most significant savings vehicles in a personal investment portfolio. And the current governance model stipulates that, whatever the size of the condominium, the Board of Directors is the decision-making body responsible for ensuring that legal documents are respected and applied, that the building is properly maintained, and that the condominium is promoted. But what about a small, self-managed condominium?  Does a uniform model of governance and board of directors adequately protect the interests of all co-owners? These questions prompted the researchers to investigate the interrelationship between the qualities of an effective board of directors, the quality of life of co-owners and the protection of their savings in the specific context of small condominiums, an area of research that has yet to be explored. The study identified direct links between the desirable qualities of an effective board of directors and the reduction of personal and financial risks for co-owners. The study also revealed that in a small condominium, the ethical compliance of directors with the identified qualities of an effective board contributes to a collaborative and safe working environment.

During this webinar, we will have the honor of introducing you to these two researchers, who will present the results of their study:

Micheline Renault Dr ès. sc., MBA, CPA and research professor in the Department of Accounting Sciences at ESG-UQAM 

Patrick Coulombe, PhD statistician. 

They will be accompanied by Richard Dubé, RGCQ info-management advisor and condominium manager, who will host this special evening.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Micheline Renault Dr ès. sc., MBA, CPAand Research Professor, Department of Accounting Sciences, ESG-UQAM 

Patrick Coulombe statistician PhD. 

Richard Dubé RGCQ Information Management Advisor and Manager

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