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Colloquium - Co-ownership administrator: everything you need to know about your responsibilities

Friday 09h00 to 16h00

Member $115.00 + taxes

Non-member $175.00 + taxes

In person

HolidayInn, 2900, boul. le Carrefour Laval H7T 2K9

Missed this event? Write to us at evenements@rgcq.org to get the recording and/or presentation.

Are you an administrator of your condominium, or planning to become one? Are you aware of the responsibilities that this position entails? 

  • Are you aware that you may be held liable even if you are not at fault? 
  • Does your syndicate's insurance contract cover you adequately? 
  • Are you aware of the new responsibilities of directors with regard to the protection of personal information? 

If you don't have the answers to each of these questions, our conference is for you! (In French only)

The role of a director of a co-ownership syndicate has its demands, and can sometimes be a source of trouble for directors whose liability is, or may be, engaged. But when can it be? What are the potential consequences? How can a director defend himself? According to what standards?

Studying the nature and role of the administrator of a syndicate of co-ownership is essential to understanding the notions of imputability, where applicable, as well as the obligations that are specific to the regime of divided co-ownership, especially in a context of two successive reforms.

In addition to complying with the law, the administrator of a syndicate of co-ownership must also respect the provisions of the Declaration of Co-ownership and ensure that it is respected within the co-ownership, not to mention the provisions of the Charter of Rights and other obligations contained in statutory laws.

The aim of the symposium, presented by BFL Canada, is to take stock of this aspect of co-ownership law and inform people of the implications.

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Co-ownership administrator: do you know the rules?

Think you're well insured? Make sure you are!

  • Patrick Beauvais - Vice President, Real Estate Quebec Unit Manager at BFL CANADA
  • Carol Bérubé - Team Leader Claims Real Estate Quebec at BFL CANADA

The administrator: guardian of co-owners' personal information

Directors' statutory liability: mastering requirements to reduce risks 

How it works

Please note that this event will be given in person only.

The Symposium registration fee includes a conference booklet, lunch and refreshments during the day. Cancellation and refund policy: You may cancel your registration up to 48 hours before the event for a full refund. After this deadline, no cancellation, credit or refund is possible.

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