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Indice Condo

Indice condo

The RGCQ is proud to launch the Indice Condo, an indicator that measures a co-ownership’s financial performance. It helps determine whether a co-ownership’s expenses are properly managed by comparing its data to a large pool of similar co-ownerships. A general index provides you with a global rating of the co-ownership and specific sub-indexes allow you to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

These results will help you understand and manage your co-ownership while giving you a clear picture of where your co-ownership stands with comparable buildings.

Pilot experiment

Currently, the Indice Condo is in piloting stage. During this phase, we will be refining our model with actual data, your own. If you choose to participate in this pilot experiment, we will provide you with your own Indice Condo for free.

In order to participate in the pilot experiment, you must integrate your financial data in the Chart of Accounts and fill out the questionnaire regarding the characteristics of your co-ownership in the documents provided below (French version only).