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Educondo Guides

Hiring a building manager (French only)

You want to hire a building manager? What should you include in the call for tenders? Consult the sample job description, complete with detailed responsibilities, job requirements and selection criteria.

General meeting of the co-owners (French only)

The chair, vice-chair and secretary are elected by the meeting of co-owners. Learn about their powers and the lenght of their mandate, as prescribed by the declaration of co-ownership.

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Maintenance log (French only)

The maintenance log is an essential tool to help preserve the building and secure its value. Learn how to set up and manage your own maintenance log.

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Hiring under the table (French only)

Construction work or home renovation represent a major investment, and people, in an effort to save money, may be tempted to hire someone under the table… but the risk may be much higher than expected!

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