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Speed-Condo : Building deficiencies

Your condo is showing signs of wear or bad workmanship? Your roof or window seals have recently been changed and are showing signs of leakage? During our conference you will learn to identify the deficiencies of your building and the recourses you have access to.

Please note that the presentation is offered in French.

The conference will cover the following topics :

  1. The nature of deficiencies (defects, faulty workmanship, faulty construction, faulty design, poor maintenance)
  2. The location of deficiencies (common portions vs. private portions)
  3. The approval process of projects (urgent renovations or not)
  4. The realisation of projects (plans and specifications, estimates and supervision)
  5. Who pays what?
  6. Possible legal recourses

Date : june 06 2017
Heure : 18:30-20:30
Member price: 20$
No-member price : 60$
Lieu : 1073 Chemin des Anglais Mascouche J7L 3R8
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